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From time to time repairs and general maintenance will need to be carried out to your home. Please use this form to make your repair request and a member of our maintenance team will be in contact to arrange the repairs.

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The Tenancy Agreement is a “Statutory Periodic Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement” – on the tenancy agreement (page 1) it shows a start date and an end date – this end date does not mean that you have to move out or that your tenancy has ended. This is just the fixed term, normally a six-month period, after which the tenancy just continues on a monthly basis until notice is given. Please note that you need to tell us you are leaving 28 days before your last day at the property.

It is important that any changes are reported to Housing Benefit as soon as you or your support staff are aware of a change. You can contact us and let us know if you are leaving the property, moving to another room or if, for some reason, ESA has stopped which will automatically stop your Housing Benefit. If we know, we can start to sort out the issue.

Useful Infomation

Click here to see what your tenancy agreement might look like.

Click here to read an Easy Read guide on your tenancy agreement.

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